Why us?

One word: Quality. Every single inch of Pocket Wick has passed through our hands to ensure the highest quality.

We are a company founded out of a deep concern for the future of sustainability.  Our hemp and beeswax are exclusively from Europe. You can trust our Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian farmers that product our hemp and beeswax.  Poland is one of the few countries in Europe that has not been completely overtaken by industrial agriculture. In fact, hemp is a long-standing traditional crop in Poland. Poland has been supplying European countries with seed for growing industrial hemp for generations, since well before World War II. Since that time, Polish cultivars of hemp have gained popularity. Right after World War II, only dioecious cultivars of hemp were grown in Poland. Since 1956, work began at the Institute of Natural Fibers (INF) to obtain monoecious cultivars. The first Polish monoecious cultivar of hemp—Bialobrzeskie—was registered in 1968. Monoecious means that you only need one plant for seed instead of male and female plants for pollination.  There is not as much hemp grown in Poland as there used to be, but we are trying to change that.  Hemp is one of the best industrial plants in the history of mankind, and we want European hemp to be number one.

What makes us different?

All our beeswax comes from either our own farm or local beekeepers we trust. This gives a variety to our wax.  Sometimes it is darker, sometimes it is lighter. It all depends on the bees!  Our hemp varies in color, and we are proud of that because we pride ourselves in using hemp that has been processed as little as possible.  We are the only hemp wick company on the planet that does not bring our hemp and wax in from other countries just to be dipped. Pocket Wick is 100% from European farmers, beekeepers, and fiber-processing mills. Not only does this allow us to be a more Eco-friendly and sustainable company by reducing our carbon footprint, but also allows us to make a product of immense quality without compromise. It also allows us to pay our workers a living wage and to donate a portion of the profits to honeybee research.  We recommend you check out our donation page.

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