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As some of you may know, the honeybees of our planet are in danger. Honeybees are suffering from Colony collapse disorder.

If you want to plant some flowers that are great for honeybees, here is a great list.

There are multiple variables that seem to be affecting the health of the honeybee populations. Such variables include: pesticides, mites, nutrition, etc.

We are very concerned about the global honeybee population, as our food depends on them. Our very lives therefore depend on them.

One out of every three bites of food on your plate are a result of the efforts of those little creatures.

“Bees are an indicator of environmental quality, when the bees are dying somethings is wrong.”

We donate a percentage of our sales to various organizations that are researching honeybee health and colony collapse disorder (CCD).

As humans, pollinating insects are crucial to our biosphere and our food system.  If they die we will follow.  Corn is open-pollinated, but much of our food is not and that is why we need bees. Honey, food, and Pocket Wick!  Thank you, Bees!

There is a great video about CCD. It is called Vanishing of The Bees. Here is the trailer from YouTube.

If you are interested in making a difference today–and you should “bee”!–here is a list of charities for honeybees and nature conservancy, the images below are also links.

We are not in anyway associated with any programs listed below, but they deserve support. The list is always in progress, so if you know of a charity that is not listed PLEASE contact us.

Donate here to ABF.

Donate to PAN

 Donate to TNC

 Donate here! 

Donate nowAdobt a Beehive!

National Trust Donations

Canadian Honey CouncilDonate here! To the Canadian Honey Council

Donate Now

Donate to the NRDC

 Donate here. 

 Donate here.

 Donate here. 

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