What is Pocket Wick?

Pocket Wick is a twine made from natural hemp grown in Europe. The hemp twine is then dipped and cured in beeswax. This produces a multi-functional waterproof flame source.

How is Pocket Wick made?

Pocket wick is made from hemp which is a natural and legal plant that has been used as a fiber by humans for thousands of years. In Europe today, we still use hemp for industrial purposes. The hemp is grown and dried. Then it is processed into fibers to be spun into twine and other products. Hemp is renewable and does not require synthetic pesticides or fertilizer to grow naturally. This hemp is then dipped in beeswax that was produced by European Honeybees and sold to you!

Why should I use Pocket Wick?

We believe that hemp wick produces one of the best flames on the planet. It is waterproof and wind resistant. It reduces the amount of petroleum products needed in the environment. It is sustainable and uses natural renewable resources.

Is it legal?

Hemp is totally legal. Hemp is a natural plant that is in the same family of plants as marijuana, but it is used for industrial uses. It has no THC. Hemp is used all over the world to make a large variety of products.

Why is the wick a different color than before?

The wax gets its color from whatever type of pollen the bees have collected. Beeswax can range from white to brown. Hemp also varies in color. This mostly depends on how the hemp was processed. If it was processed wet or dry, in water or other chemicals, etc.  All of our hemp is dry spun and chemicals are not used in the roving process, this causes the hemp to vary in diameter and color.

Why hemp?

Hemp is perhaps one of the most amazing plants ever discovered by man. If you want to learn more about why, check out this article from the Huffington Post.

Do you sell Pocket Wick in stores?

Pocket Wick is available in stores. If you would like to see it in a store near you, please have them contact us and we will ship them a box.

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