Pocket Wick is ideally suited to any task that requires a flame. Pocket Wick is a 100% European Union product. All of our hemp and wax comes from European farms.

How many times have you burned your fingers when trying to light something? Something like a campfire, a BBQ, or maybe even a pilot light on a water heater? That is why people started to use those long matches or those extended butane lighters. Those lighters that never light when you need them!

Pocket Wick is a natural and sustainable alternative to gas lighters and wooden matches. Pocket Wick is made out of hemp and beeswax, pure and simple. In particular, it is made from industrial grade hemp which has been grown by humans for thousands of years for paper, cloth, and rope, and which is an excellent alternative to cotton.  Our hemp is grown naturally in Europe without any harmful chemicals or pesticides.  Our hemp twine is coated in exclusively European-sourced beeswax to make Pocket Wick. Beeswax is a wonderful material as it does not ever degrade, provides natural waterproofing, and produces the long-lasting, slow, even burn that makes Pocket Wick the perfect choice for wherever you need a flame.

We are also trying to raise awareness about the many dangers that honeybees are facing today.  We donate a portion of our profits to honeybee research, because we are committed to the future of the honeybee in the EU and across the world.  If you are interested in helping out the honeybee even more, please check out the charity section.

Pocket Wick can be used for so many different things and we feel great about making it for everyone.

It is perfect for:

  • Pipes
  • Pilot lights
  • Campfires
  • Stoves
  • Candles

The list goes on!

Pocket Wick is totally waterproof so it is great for camping, fishing, or boating!

Hemp and beeswax are very unique materials. Hemp can vary in color depending on a number of factors. Even beeswax comes in different shades ranging from white to brown.

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